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One year ago at Moreton Show I came across a demonstration of Zumba.  Being an ex aerobic instructor I stopped and was very impressed.  Having not excercised for 5 years following a car accident and no longer in the first flush of youth,  I was wary of joining Traceys classes.  However I did and was made very welcome.  I soon became addicted and now she can’t get rid of me, from one class  each week I now do five.  Each and everyone is great excercise, fantastic fun and above all brilliantly taught.  Whether young or old, fit or unfit there is something for eveyone, Zumba, Bokwa, Aqua or her new running club.  I can thoroughly recommend any of Traceys classes and this year I am part of that demonstration at Moreton Show.  Thank you Tracey for everything I owe you a lot, much more than Elderflower Cordial!!! – Veronica Woodford

Gained friends, gained confidence, gained believe, lost weight, give it a go it’s the best thing I ever did, life changing. – Lorraine Mellon

I hate exercise, the chore of going to the gym and carrying out reps is just not for me!
I started going to Tracey’s fitness classes only to support a friend, I fully expected to go along a couple of times and then quietly retreat having “done my bit to help”
Instead I became addicted, addicted to the buzz of feeling fitter, feeling healthier, losing weight and toning up. But I am most addicted to the laughter and the atmosphere, I spend 60 minutes with (new) friends dancing at whatever pace we are comfortable with.
and the most common comment I hear afterwards……?
……”that was great and it doesn’t even feel like we’re exercising does it?”  – Natasha Barnes

I don’t like the gym it bores me. So thought i would give ZUMBA ago as love dancing and was not sure if i could do it as having asthma but doing it on a regular basis my Breathing is amazing – Mo Jeffcock

I was relatively new to the area and thought I’d give Zumba a go to get myself off the couch and meet new people. Now every time I walk into a class I feel so welcome by all the new friends. My fitness has improved and people are constantly commenting on how well I look. Its a great excuse to get out of the house under the pretense of exercise but having so much fun that it doesn’t feel like it. – Amanda Turner

The one thing that put me off exercise was being greeted by a size 8 instructor with perfect hair and make up and never broke a sweat! This was not the case with Tracey (no offence!! lol) she is one of us!  Very approachable, warm friendly and the great thing at her classes is you never feel out of place if you do go wrong (in fact it is all part of the fun) all round a great instructor who makes EVERYONE feel welcome  – Sarah Arthurs








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